About Us

Sammy Stephens

  • Sammy Stephens has a background in sports marketing, restaurants, and real estate.  After graduating from the University of Georgia, Sammy worked ten years in minor league hockey.  From Atlanta, Cincinnati, Phoenix,  Lake Charles, and Austin, Sammy worked his way up from intern, to working  as a director at the team level, and executive staff of the league office, and eventually GM.  After sports, Sammy relocated to Raleigh, NC and from 2000-2018, owned and operated a successful sports bar near NC State University, and a restaurant in Raleigh's North Hills development.  Sammy has owned and developed rental properties for 25 years. Since 2005, Sammy has focused on  developing premium properties, located specifically near NC State University - Centennial Campus. Stacey and Sammy formed Centennial Land Company and have developed student housing near NC State University for almost 15 years. In the past five years, Centennial Land Company has built 33 town homes at Centennial Park Townhomes and  next door at Lake Raleigh Townhomes, only steps from NC State University - Centennial Campus. 
  •  Currently, Sammy is working to develop (Spring 2020) duplexes near NC State University, called Centennial Bend and an additional future student housing townhome development called Centennial Walk.  

Stacey Stephens

Stacey Stephens graduated with a masters of education from the University of Georgia & taught school for over ten years.  After moving to Raleigh, Stacey co-owned the Sports Bar with Sammy, and worked "behind the scenes" taking care of the Sports Bar infrastructure, from scheduling and accounting, to all facets involved in day-to-day operations.

Currently, Stacey is involved  with townhome design and decor. Additionally, Stacey handles the day-to-day operations of accounting, bookkeeping and rental property management for Centennial Land Company